Sew happy creating

Year 7 students are enjoying the creative freedom of the We Sew Crazy club.

Some are making “crooked house” patchwork tote bags, and all are improving their hand and machine sewing skills.
IGS We Sew Crazy Club

Erika: It’s really fun. I started sewing when I was a lot younger, with my grandmother. I’ve always loved to be making things at home. It’s great to be able to sew with my friends, and experiment. The crooked house is really neat. In classes we did a pocket or the first letter of our name, but here we get to design what we want to do, and make something unique, and experiment. The teachers are really nice.

Chiara: It’s really creative. You can pick what you want to do.

Merryn and Maya at the IGS We Sew Crazy Club

Merryn: We designed an unusual house and there were lots of different fabrics we could choose. We had to make the houses and windows unusual – tall, wavy, long – and then sew them onto a tote bag with handles. We’ve learnt to thread a sewing machine and use it.

Maya: I enjoy being able to be so creative with what I am making.