Service and involvement rewarded

High School students of all ages have received awards for service and involvement in co-curricular activities and life beyond the classroom.

The service awards rewarded almost 20 students from Years 7 to 11 who have been acting in the broader interests of the IGS community.

“These students have given up their own time, energy and care in aid of other people,” said Head of Gura House Katie Salisbury and Head of Kuyal House Stephen Pace.

A number of High School students involved in co-curricular activities were also honoured, receiving trophies.

Congratulations to Oscar Killick-Dodd of Year 11 who will have his name added to the co-curricular honour board in the Hall, in recognition of his extraordinary involvement in school life beyond the classroom, including taking a leading role in Grease last term.

Oscar has been involved in clubs and co-curricular activities since starting at IGS in Year 7, in 2015.

“The club I’ve done for the longest is soccer club, which is still happening on every Wednesday lunchtime. I also played in the Wind Orchestra from Years 7 to 10, and in Senior Orchestra during Years 7 and 9,” Oscar said.

“My favourite activity definitely has to be soccer club. So many people in my grade have come at least once since it began in Year 7, and there are a number of us who have been coming since the first session held in 2015. It’s so much fun to play soccer with your friends. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

“The best thing about being involved is doing things that you love with people that you love too.

“You meet new people with similar interests across different grades, people who you wouldn’t have otherwise met without clubs.

“Another great thing about being involved is trying new things. This year I was in the musical Grease, which was unlike anything I have ever done before. It was a huge challenge, but what I took away from it I’ll keep for the rest of my life.

“I would definitely recommend students to try at least one club. There is such a wide variety on offer, you’ll find the right club for you.

“There’s no harm in giving things a try. Take the opportunity if it’s there, because the outcomes are often very rewarding.

“But most importantly, don’t feel pressured into doing things that you aren’t comfortable with. You can join and quit clubs at any time you want, there’s never any hurry in making a decision. Trust your gut, it always tells you what’s right for you.”