Senior students learn from IGS Class of 2020 high flyers

Years 11 and 12 heard tips for maximising their HSC results when four students with different passions and goals returned to share their experiences.

IGS members of the Class of 2021 and Class of 2022 welcomed Grace Nusco, Jak Sidwell, Amelia Milne and Nye Morrison at special assemblies this week.

At the Year 12 assembly, Principal Shauna Colnan awarded the 2020 HSC Scholar’s Prize to Amelia Milne for her tenacity, determination, love of learning, ability to collaborate and act on feedback, and her focus on excellence, as well as for her achievement of the highest IGS 2020 ATAR, of 99.55 per cent.

Deputy Principal Academic Operations Lisa Kelliher asked the students about their goals, about seeking feedback, their time management and their attitudes to collaboration.

Grace said she tried to submit as many draft essays to her teachers for feedback as possible.

“That additional feedback helps you so much,” she said.

Nye, who took part in many extra-curricular activities throughout the year, said creating a study timetable was very helpful.

“Just keep an eye on everything you are doing,” Nye said. “It keeps you on track and helps you know how much you need to do in each subject.” 

For all-rounder Jak, who had many major works, regularly checking with teachers when the next stage of each work was due was very helpful. 

He said he enjoyed creating works he was passionate about, but that making progress was constantly on his mind. Checking in with his teachers reassured him he wouldn’t fall behind.

Amelia was asked about the tension between competing with her classmates and collaborating with them.

“At the end of the day, your own measure of success is determined by yourself,” she said. “It’s very subjective. It’s not the best to be always worrying about what other people are doing. If everyone does well, you will also do well. Collaborating is more important than trying to compete with everyone.”

The alumni were asked about their different study techniques, including use of flashcards, speaking English quotes out loud, brain storming essay points, active recall, using images and colours to help embed content, and studying in groups by first researching content and then teaching it to classmates.

Ms Kelliher said students who did well tended to understand what kinds of learning and study techniques worked best for themselves, such as visual, kinesthetic, auditory or a combination, as everyone was different.

“How do you best learn and how do you best study?” she asked senior students.

Amelia is starting her Arts/Law degree at the University of Sydney this year. Grace is taking a gap year, working at a law firm with a view to studying Arts at the University of Sydney next year.

Jak is working in film construction on the set of Thor at Fox Studios Australia this year, and planning to study Sport and Exercise Science at UTS next year, while Nye is at UNSW studying Secondary Education and Arts.

We thank these members of the IGS Class of 2020 for sharing their experiences, and wish them and their former classmates all the best for the future.