Science Extension Showcase – Emi Imaizumi Zhou

"I love Science because it helps our understanding of the world around us," said Emi.

“There is always something new to discover about our lifestyles and the world we live in.”

For her Major Project, Emi chose to research the relationship between teenage phone usage and their sleep patterns.

“Through statistical tests and sources, I was able to scientifically discover that there is a clear relationship between the two categories. The research of the null hypothesis, ‘The use of mobile phones does not influence sleep patterns in teenagers’, found that the use of mobile phones influences sleep patterns in teenagers through both primary and secondary data collection and statistical hypothesis testing, therefore resulting in a rejected null hypothesis,” she said.

“I am very glad I chose to do this subject as not only was I able to learn how to collect data correctly, but I also learned how to conduct statistical analysis in various ways.”

Read Emi’s report here.