Science Extension Showcase – Dev Segaran

"I love Science because it gives me an understanding of how things work and the cause and effect relationship in systems," said Dev.

“I absolutely love the way science explains most things around us in such a rationale manner.

“Science Extension has been an interesting course and I appreciate the skills in research that this course has provided. The statistical skills and discovering peer-reviewed journals gave me a new respect for the work done by researchers and discoveries that they make to advance the knowledge in so many areas of our lives.”

His Scientific Research Project explored the relationship between advanced technologies in automobiles and the impact on safety.

“I investigated the reduction in serious injuries linked to the different active and passive safety devices in automobiles,” he said.

“This is an important topic in relation to the advancement of technologies in automobiles and the imminent introduction of self-drive vehicles that presents differing views on safety and is a widely debated topic in society today.

“My research finding was inconclusive, serious injuries are not fully mitigated by safety devices in automobiles, especially the more advanced technologies such as collision avoidance system, stability control and anti-lock braking system.

“Safety device that is shown to have the best effect on reducing serious injuries is seat belts, which is one of the oldest safety devices introduced in automobiles in the late 1950s, and yet it is still the most dependable safety device.”

Dev noted a secondary discovery that was not the primary intent of his research: the dependence on driver attitude, behaviour and skills and the significant role it plays in preventing serious injuries.

“I have always loved learning about cars and this Science Extension course allowed me to explore an important topic in something which has been a passion of mine for many years.”

Read Dev’s report here.