Science Club tastes microbiology

Students in the Primary School Science Club recently deepened their understanding of DNA.

They explored the structure of a double helix and its role in building our bodies.

“What better way to understand the structure of something than to make a model of it yourself,” Science Club Coordinator Pepita Iocco-Catt said.

Pepita said students were thrilled to discover their structure could double as a snack.

“Using strawberry liquorice, different coloured jelly cubes and toothpicks, our scientists were able to build a model of a double helix.

“Students were even able to understand that the nitrogenous bases in a double helix are paired together – adenine with thymine and guanine with cytosine (or in our case, orange with lemon and raspberry with lime).

“The kids loved building their structures and of course eating them too.”