Scarlett Fitzpatrick-Lubowitz Visual Arts Gallery

Visual Arts Major Work Gallery by Scarlett Fitzpatrick-Lubowitz.

My main inspiration throughout this year was Sofia Coppola’s style of film and use of colors in her work. Through her work, there is a key theme of the use of pastel colors, natural lighting, and women in a difficult time in their lives.

I liked the idea of looking at the work through the female gaze as it’s something I can connect to, and finding more interesting and beautiful as things are seen on a more emotional level.

I used a combination of two of her most well-known films in my photographs, The virgin suicides, for the slightly faded look, and lens flares layered over the top of the original photos, and Marie Antoinette, for the ruining of beautiful things such as the macaroons.

The still photos were a collection of photos I had taken throughout the year as inspiration for my major work.