Saying ‘sorry’ just the start

Year 4 students have been considering the importance of Sorry Day.

The students created artworks using Aboriginal dot painting techniques and wrote their thoughts on the other side.

Miller: We are sorry for what we have done.

Kinga: I think Sorry Day is very important. I think you do more than say “sorry”. You should protest and make a website about all these important things. We are sorry for everything we have done. There are lots of bad things that have happened to Aboriginal people like not being accepted, and being stolen.

Oliver: Sorry Day isn’t really just about saying sorry. It’s about recognising that we did something wrong to our friends. We separated them from their families.

Chiara: It’s about remembering what w have done wrong in the past, for not accepting Aboriginal people and their way of life and not including them. It’s about doing better in the future.

Miranda: Sorry Day is more than just words. I think [former Prime Minister] Kevin Rudd’s apology speech was really important to all Indigenous people.