Saskia Ava Vander Visual Arts Gallery

Atmosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere

This Body of Work explores the vital and beautiful nature of three different spheres that do their part to help the world flourish. Planet Earth is made up of six overlapping systems that contain all of the world’s land masses, water sources, living organisms and gases. I have chosen three of these spheres to base my sculptures on – Atmosphere, Biosphere and Lithosphere. The sculptures are symbolic of each sphere through the use of form, shape and design elements in porcelain and faux fur.

For the Atmosphere, a cylindrical shape forms the base of the sculpture, and the colour black is used to represent the absence of colour from the Earth’s atmosphere. The rounded forms attached are representative of the gasses that surround the Earth, and the contrasting sizes create depth and interest for the viewer. The use of a porcelain sphere is symbolic of the atmosphere itself encapsulating and protecting our planet.

For the Biosphere sculpture, the chosen base form and floral elements represent the biosphere being made of all living things. The forms created are specifically in reference to the leaves and flowers, plants and creatures on Earth.  The element of brown fur underneath is symbolic of the grounding nature of soil, being the initial and primary production of living organisms.

My third sculpture, Lithosphere, replicates the layers in the Earth, with multiple spikes and ribbon-like forms which create rows of detailed layers, representing the lithosphere’s layers of rock, stalactites and stalagmites which ground our planet.

The circular nature of the display is forcing the viewer to move around the sculptures, creating a physical connection to the artwork, like our planet revolving. It allows the audience to be immersed within the work and allows up-close viewing of the details of each piece, like looking into a microscope, then taking a macro view and seeing the artwork as an ensemble. Through the use of form, shape and presentation the work is able to engage the viewer and show appreciation for and awe of the spheres that make up our world.