Samuel Carter Ward Visual Arts

Visual Arts Major Work Gallery by Samuel Ward.

My Major Work is an animation that is made up of two different animation styles; 2D Animation and Clay Animation. The story follows a little man-creature named “Dedoid” and his journey with a mysterious plant-being that sends him to different dimensions and eventually passes the curse of being a plant onto him.

The 3D animation is inspired by filmmaker Tim Burton, and UK artist David Shrigley inspired my simple black and white animated figures.

The 2D animation was made using a software called Storyboarder and I used a stylus and pen to draw. For the Clay animation, I used lots of different kinds of clay, cardboard, thumbtacks and card to create a more whole and three-dimensional world for my characters.

The concept behind this animation is the simple exploration of absurdity, as I have always been attracted to things out of the ordinary. As one can see throughout the film, there are many hidden faces and characters that seem as if they shouldn’t be there, and strange landscapes that feel dystopian but strangely inviting. Using humour and pathos I have attempted to create an engaging but truly absurd piece of work.