SAGE program in sight for High School students

Excitement mounts as the fourth year of the SAGE program for high school students approaches. Plans for the week of project-based learning for Years 7 to 10 are well under way.

Creative, collaborative and exciting, SAGE stands for: Student choice; Authentic learning experiences; Global relevance; and Exhibitions and celebrations of learning.

The origin of the IGS SAGE program began at Harvard’s Think Tank on Global Education in 2015, which Principal Shauna Colnan attended.

“We discussed frameworks to build students’ global competencies and I listened with great interest to a speaker from New York’s Centre for Global Education at the Asia Society,” Ms Colnan said.

“He introduced the acronym SAGE and encouraged us to go back into our schools and develop a home-grown version; our very own SAGE program.”

Ms Colnan then designed four projects for Years 7 to 10 students to implement over the following three years as part of the School’s Strategic Plan: the Year 7 Shakespeare Bootcamp, The Year 8 Rocks Quest, Year 9 Opera on Kelly Street and Tasmania – Writing the Island for Year 10.

“This program would build our already unique offerings at IGS and give students experiences they couldn’t get anywhere else,” Ms Colnan said.

The 2018 SAGE Week will run from Monday 12 to Friday 16 November in Term 4. Parents and caregivers of students in Years 7 to 10 will receive relevant information to this year’s Program in coming weeks.

2017 Year 10 students trekking in Tasmania