Ryan Linton Design and Technology gallery

Design and Technology Major Work Gallery by Ryan Linton.

The biggest misconception of ADHD is that students can’t concentrate. It’s the complete opposite. They are concentrating on everything and need a way to concentrate on one thing and filter out the noise. I know this as a person with ADHD myself.

My final design is a multi-use desk that allows people to sit, stand and move and also supports all their focus needs; with containers, white boards and fidget spinner holders that can be attached with magnets.

The desk can move up and down as well as tilt. It is neat and clean but allows for flexible sensory products to be stored in it as well as other items a person with sensory needs may need.

My desk allows users to choose what helps them most through the use of magnets – so they don’t need to work around their desk – it works in the best way for them.

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