Road to success in languages

The IGS Languages Department recently held a Year 12 Breakfast Session, Road to Success in Languages.

A panel of six IGS accelerants and a graduate shared their tips and strategies with the current Year 12 cohort.

“It was an informal opportunity for Year 12 students who will be completing their HSC this year to hear first hand from IGS students about their personal journey to success in their HSC language examinations,” IGS Languages Teacher Teresa Alonso-Lasheras said.

The panelists included current Year 12 students Orlando Read, Jamison Power, Catherine Amoia, Therese Briganti, Alea Babeck, and alumna Leo Payten (2019).

“Guest panelists offered an insight into what they found challenging and what really kept them motivated. Students represented different languages and courses. Some spoke of their experience as accelerants in German, French and Italian.

“There were a variety of tips and strategies shared. The overall feeling of students present was that they walked out with some new ideas to push themselves further.”