Riveting true stories and a wild landscape stimulate Year 10 creativity in Tasmania

IGS Year 10 students in Tasmania as part of SAGE Week have been learning of the riveting true accounts of Willow Court, in New Newfolk.

IGS Teacher Megan said the experience will serve as a rich stimulus for their creative writing, within the fifth year of the IGS Year 10 SAGE program, Tasmania: Writing the Island.

“A guide shared with us the history of the property from prison to asylum, to a refugee camp to the present day,” Megan said.

“Students asked intelligent questions and listened intently to the harrowing experiences and conditions of those institutionalised on the property in Australia’s early history.

“Students were given the honour of looking through the precious artifacts found on the property. They represent some of the very few convict artefacts ever found in Australia. Many were found hidden beneath the floorboards of the old nurses quarters.

“The riveting true accounts and intriguing objects of the property will serve as rich stimulus for their creative writing this week.”

Students involved in the SAGE Week Writing Group include India, Felix, Nick, Max, Skye and Amelia.

Meanwhile, other Year 10 groups are exploring diverse aspects of Tasmania’s history and geography as part of their SAGE Week experience, while Year 8 is exploring Sydney in greater depth throughout the week. Read more

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