Riddles, puzzles and mathematical fun

Year 7 students participated in an exciting and challenging Mathematics Incursion with a team from Inquisitive Minds.

“Year 7 students zoomed from puzzle to puzzle, whirring minds thinking and discovering their love for Mathematics at the Inquisitive Minds incursion,” Mathematics Teacher Tina Liu said.

Hamish said: “It’s intense and exciting. We had fun while learning new things about Maths.”

Students eagerly investigated and played with engaging, hands-on mathematical problems and were taught strategies to think and persist with these challenges.

Kyote said: “We had fun strategising and I enjoyed winning.”

Especially nimble and resilient problem solvers were able to take home glittering chocolate prizes as well as a sense that success will come with effort and a good attitude.

“We started off with riddles that were hard, then we did some challenges that were very competitive, but we enjoyed them very much,” said Brooke.

“This experience was extremely fun and we would like to do it again,” Melody said.