Rewilding the IGS campus

Congratulations to Year 11 IGS student Nathan Turner and Sustainable Futures for securing a grant from Woolworths to grow more Indigenous plants on the IGS rooftop.

Nate, of Year 11, applied for the Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant to grow bush tucker on the bridge between the East and West Roof while acknowledging the Gadigal Elders and Peoples of the Eora Nation.

“We want to rewild our roof with the species that used to belong here,” he said.

The students plan to relocate the bee box currently on Level 4 to the newly planted area towards the end of the year, in recognition of the fact that native bees need native species to survive.

The students are planning to involve Early Learning and Primary School students to help look after the plants, which they plan to source from Indigigrow.

Students will work with staff to build the planter boxes.

“I am incredibly grateful we were successful,” Nathan said. “The grant can inspire IGS student power.”

Nathan said the project builds on the work of fellow students, artists and alumni.

He mentioned the work of Nancy Bertoli (2020) who has already contributed a small native garden as part of an Aboriginal Studies bush tucker garden major project, and Indigenous artist Bianca Caldwell who has been working with IGS students, including in the creation of the IGS Acknowledgement of Country poster.

Watch this space!