Revealing the unforeseen

Talented Year 11 Art students have been delving into the world of surrealism, discovering the methods of artists like Salvador Dali and René Magritte, sparking inspiration for their own colour drawings.

Students were given the task of combining a long item and a short item, blended together to create a surreal work of art.

Surrealism is a 20th Century literary, philosophical and artistic movement that explored the workings of the mind, discarding a rational vision to emphasise the value of the unconscious and dreams.

As students drew fresh inspiration, they found strange beauty in the unforeseen and the unconventional.

Dali and Magritte were dubbed two of the most highly influential and versatile surreal artists of their time, both internationally acclaimed and leaders in the Modernist art movement.

Magritte described his works as “visible images which conceal nothing”.

“They evoke mystery and, indeed, when one sees one of my pictures, one asks oneself this simple question, ‘What does that mean?’ It does not mean anything, because mystery means nothing, it is unknowable.”

The Year 11 drawings are currently on display in the IGS Library.

Here are some of the amazing works: