Reimagining spaces for our youngest learners

Concepts are emerging for a new Early Learning Centre at IGS.

“The importance of early childhood education cannot be underestimated and so we will drive forward aspirationally as we build upon our exceptional model, homegrown in Randwick, Surry Hills and Ultimo,” IGS Principal Shauna Colnan said.

“We’ve started developing our concept design for a new Early Learning Centre at IGS and we are dreaming big to give our youngest children the very best start now and into the future.”

Ideas so far include providing our children with a cooked meal that has been prepared and planned for them for maximum nutrition and deliciousness, and a safe and sensory musical playground with soft and colourful fragrant plants; and the concept of the Atelier.

“I was particularly energised by the concept of the Atelier when I visited the northern Italian town of Reggio Emilia this time last year,” Ms Colnan said.

“All nursery schools in Reggio Emilia have an Atelier, a large and inspiring space that is somewhere between an art studio, a science laboratory and a research centre for the children and their teachers.

“My favourite was the Rays of Light Atelier. Each school also has an Atelierista, a teacher with competencies in the arts who runs the Atelier and works with the children and their teachers to explore the world around them and to document their learning each year through art works and reflections.

“In post-war Italy, Loris Malaguzzi deliberately placed an artist into the daily life of each child in each centre, infusing their formative experiences with the inoculating influence of art and culture. 

“It’s a very exciting time to be at IGS as we continue reimagining and redesigning our school, using every opportunity to honour and enhance this unique 36 year old educational project.”