Reimagined Language Camps a success

Recent Primary School Language Immersion activities provided students with a variety of practical and recreational learning experiences in an intensive language environment.

The Language Immersion events took place during Week 9 of Term 1.

“Throughout the days in all the Language teams there was a mix of activities,” Head of Languages Junior School Vilma Rotellini said. 

“They included art and craft, drama, singing and dancing, treasure hunts, sport, writing and creating trailers for a Superhero movie and more.

“Children were engaged and entertained while being bombarded in the target language. 

“This has been a unique experience for our students linguistically, culturally and socially.”

Japanese students explored the Tokyo Olympics, while German students focused on fairytales. Italian students central theme was ‘I Supereroi’ (superheroes) and French students explored the topic Astérix.

 What some of the Japanese students had to say about the activities:

Miranda: “Teriyaki chicken bento was delicious.”

Kinga: “Japanese sports were fun.”

Dylan: “Decorating a bag was fun

We thank our dedicated Languages staff who have worked tirelessly over the last weeks to ensure a reimagined ‘camp’ went ahead without a hitch.

“Thank you also to the Years 4, 5 and 6 teachers for their support. Without dedication and commitment this unique event could not take place.”

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