Reflecting on the IRT

IGS Year 6 student Zainab shares her reflections on her Independent Research Topic.

The IRT is a signature IGS experience for Year 6 students, who research a topic of their own choice in great depth, then present on it in a range of formats.

For example, student Zainab has asked the question: How does the media change our view on current events?

“The start of the information report was at first a challenge as I had so much information from my initial inquiries, but once I was writing and putting my notes together it was done in a blink of the eye,” Zainab said.

“I have to add survey results but now that I have the rest of it out of the way, I’m not so stressed about adding the results and commenting on the data.

“I hope that’s the same case with the narrative because at the moment I am struggling to find a good hook to write about.

“My topic is quite tricky as it is all about current events, politics, fake news, and is a very real kind of topic, making it difficult to write a narrative about. So far, I have decided to base on a what-if type of story. What if COVID 19 was government made and COVID Safe has been used to track us? Or I could base it on WW3?

“I’m still deciding but I have a start for both topics. The Creative Arts part has been the easiest part to date. I have planned it and I now know what I need to get done by the end of term.

“Something that has been really helpful during this project is having a planner and putting personal due dates earlier than the actual due dates. It’s been great for teaching me time management.

“Overall, I am pretty happy about where I am at with IRT and with three weeks to go, I hope the rest will be procrastination free. Fingers crossed.”

All the best to all of Year 6 with their projects!