Reflecting on the IRT Project

Luella of Year 6 Blue asked the question: How have different cultures buried their deceased and how can we make it more sustainable for the future?

“After going to the cinema to watch Coco with my cousin three years ago, I was inspired to think more about what may happen after death,” Luella said.

“Through the IRT process, my question evolved from what different cultures believe happens when you die, to how different cultures have buried their dead and how we can make it more sustainable for the future.

“For me, the most challenging part of this project was doing my media review, because I had never done one before and hadn’t read any other reviews prior to IRT.”

Luella thanked her family for their support throughout the project.

“I had my mum help me to edit a few parts of my information report. My friend and I also helped each other to prepare and perfect our speeches,” she said.

To the next group of students taking on the IRT Project, her advice is to manage their time carefully, allocate time towards the end of the project to work on final touches, and start their fine arts component as early as possible.

Well done, Luella!