Reflecting on the IRT

Year 6 students are continuing to finalise their Independent Research Tasks (IRT) ahead of the end of Term 3.

Sam and Chris of Year 6 Green share their reflections.

“The first and most important and challenging task was to write our questions,” the boys said.

Chris asked the question: How can we start a civilisation?

While Sam asked the question: Should athletes be expected to be role models?

“These questions reflect our interests in sport, politics and society. Our class has a very wide range of topics, ranging from the Dark Ages to traditional medicine, gaming addiction, and diversity in movies,” they said.

“In the IRT you don’t just do an information report, you have to do creative arts components. You could do a movie, a short drama performance, paintings, or a 3D model. Our creative arts projects are a 3D model of an outpost on Mars and a cricket bat painted with names of sporting role models.”

The students said the narrative component provided a good break from research and writing reports. They said they enjoyed the creative freedom to write.

“For the media review, we chose movies and documentaries related to our question – The Test and The Martian,” they said.

“The schedule that Miss Klahn provided us with was great. It was really helpful in the way that we knew what we had to do and when it had to be finished. We were always able to go to Miss Klahn and ask for help and support.”

Sam and Chris said they enjoyed pushing themselves and working towards deadlines that would prepare them for High School.

“Whether that be on the weekends putting in half your Saturday or Sunday into finishing off edits for any of the given work, or making sure we used every minute of class time constructively.

“We are both looking forward to presenting our IRTs because that means we will have a sense of satisfaction when we finally complete it.”