Reflecting on the IRT

IGS Year 6 student Alessia shares her reflections on her Independent Research Topic.

Year 6 students are beginning to bring their Term 3 Independent Research Tasks (IRT) to a conclusion.

Alessia asked the question: How has makeup evolved throughout human history?

Alessia searched for scientific studies in both books and online.

“I had so much information so I started my information report and before I
knew it I had more than 25 pages of information,” she said.

“Instead of doing a survey, I decided to interview a professional and this is where my brother helped me. As he is a stage performer he has his own makeup artist called Rachel Dal Santo.

“She was very helpful and answered all of my questions in such great detail. That was probably my favourite part of creating my information report. Once I finished my information report I realised it wasn’t that hard.

“My narrative was a different story though. I started over twice as my problem wasn’t grand enough. The second idea helped me a lot because when I started my third I could use some parts from my old story that fitted in very nicely.

“In the end, I finished on time with a great story that ticked all of my boxes.”

For her Fine Art project, Alessia planned to create a giant lipstick.

“I had to make this idea realistic so with a little of my dad’s help, I managed to create a giant cardboard lipstick. It was really fun seeing what it could actually do with so few resources. I was really fascinated by what I could do with duct tape and cardboard,” she said.

“In the end, I built, cut, constructed, and painted my lipstick and took plenty of photos. I love the final product and am really excited to show it to everyone. I have been very organised with my little journal at my side with all of my standards and expectations that I set for myself. All of my expectations that I have to achieve are for my wellbeing.

“IRT has been really fun so far and I’m sure that these next weeks will be even better!”