Recycling catching on at IGS

It’s been a big year for sustainability progression at IGS.

Students across all ages are continuing sustainability discussions and actions at the School and beyond, proving that everyone can do their part in the “War on Waste”.

Preschool student Filippa Vendramin is one example of many IGS students considering their impact.

Filippa has spent the last few weeks collecting any discarded or no longer needed paper around her home, cutting it up with scissors and then storing it in a bag.

Filippa’s mother Caroline was at first unsure what her daughter was up to, but Filippa explained the purpose of each kind of bin at IGS, and that her paper cuttings would be going into the School’s paper recycling bin.

“It was impossible to talk her out of bringing her own paper scraps to school, so off she went with her bag,” Caroline said.

“Teachers at IGS are making an amazing impact on Filippa. She’s taking it all in.”

It’s great to see that even our youngest students are making conscious changes to improve the planet.

“This story is why I love what I do!” said Early Learning Teacher Jasmin Flyte.

Filippa with Ms Flyte

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