National Reconciliation Week roundup

National Reconciliation Week prompted a host of innovative lessons at IGS, where diversity is celebrated.

Lessons throughout IGS were enriched with discussions and activities around National Reconciliation Week.

Carter from Year 6 Green said he enjoyed learning about reconciliation and particularly liked carrying out workbook activities, which included using Google to find nearby Indigenous communities.

In Year 7 Spanish, students watched two Dreamtime stories in Spanish, The Echidna and the Turtle and The Orphan Boy.

IGS Spanish students discuss dreamtime stories
IGS Spanish students discuss Dreamtime stories

Spanish teacher and High School Studies Coordinator Irina Braun said the students discussed the meaning of Dreamtime, and, based on the stories, students developed the vocabulary of animals and colours in Spanish.

Year 12 Spanish Continuers started by exploring the National Reconciliation Week poster.

Students described the poster in Spanish, and from the words “Grounded in Truth” they started a discussion about the roots of racism.

Reconciliation Week banner
Reconciliation Week banner

To further the discussion, Irina showed students a Spanish poster which calls out racism.

The caption translates to “Racism: an invention of adults, which has been imposed on adolescents.”

Other IGS National Reconciliation Week activities included donating books and learning some words in Wiradjuri.