Real-life lessons in Maths

IGS Maths Teacher Cassandra Church brought a taste of real-life into her Maths classes throughout Term 4.

“The students investigated how much they would earn and their buying power through the use of some online financial calculators,” Cassandra said.

“A number of the students then presented their findings to the class.”

Leila: I had a lot of fun in Maths today.

Felix: I thought this activity was very useful as it is so applicable to real life.

Ash: This will be very useful in our future lives when we apply for jobs and buy our car of choice. I would like a Pontiac Aztec.

Ruari: This maths lesson was incredibly helpful, very insightful for my future life, and helped me to understand job finding along with budgeting.

Jai: I learned a lot today about the kind of car I can afford to buy when I finish school.

Mathematics students in Years 7 to 10 completed their Yearly Examinations in Week 5 of Term 4.