Real-life learning at home during COVID-19 restrictions

Parker of Year 1 kept a digital diary of things she has been learning at home.

Parker’s Real Life Learning diary included everyday tasks like folding clothes, making her breakfast and changing the date on her calendar.

With a little help from her mother, Jane, Parker filmed her daily activities and the ways she was taking care of herself while at home.

“Mummy made videos of me making the bed, folding my clothes, making toast and cereal for breakfast and changing the date and weather on my calendar,” she said.

Parker said she had many responsibilities while at home, like helping around the house, walking the dog and learning how to cook.

Parker said her favourite things about being at home included, having lots of time for reading, learning how to type and play piano via an app, eating yummy food and being at home with her mum and dad every day.

Congratulations on your initiative, Parker. It will be something to remember!