R U OK? Day celebrated at IGS

A golden start to the day, as IGS celebrates "R U OK? Day"!

Students and staff wore black and gold, staff read picture books about friendship, love, kindness and beauty, and we’re all saying it’s important to talk about feelings.

In Virtual Storytime, IGS Principal Shauna Colnan read the picture book, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse as well as The Adventures of Beekle to Early Learning and Primary students on R U OK Day. Deputy Mary Duma shared the book You Are The Light with students.

Year 1 Blue made cards on R U OK? Day to thank Ms Colnan and Ms Duma.

To access ReachOut’s resources to support student wellbeing visit the link below:
For students click here.
For parents click here.
For staff click here.

In 5 Blue, students enjoyed acting out each of the four steps in the process of asking R U OK?

Year 5 Teacher Jessica Price said her students enjoyed hearing a story from Ms Colnan and also wrote about some of their friends who have helped them in the past.

Stormie nominated his friend Rhys because “he is always a good friend that is easy to talk to and he’s really kind all the time.”

James nominated his friend Maxwell and said: “When I felt sad Max always asks me if I am ok.”

Callum nominated his friend Nico and said: ‘He’s always really nice and is really fun to play with. When I was down he helped me up.”