PTF AGM confirms value of community connectedness

The IGS Year 12 Study Centre hosted a large group of interested Parents, Teachers and Friends at the recent PTF AGM.

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan delivered a gripping report on her recent sabbatical leave during which she attended the Harvard Kennedy School Leadership for the 21st Century course and researched inspiring teaching and learning spaces for early learners in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Andrea Belunek, who reported on a jam-packed year of 2018 PTF community contributions and connections, was once again re-elected President.

She spoke of the intangible benefits and long-lasting value of the network of 55 volunteer parent representatives who helped form connections between other IGS families throughout 2018 by creating, supporting and attending community events such as concerts, picnics, morning teas and cocktail evenings for parents and caregivers.

The larger events such as International Day, Primary Disco, IGS Open Night and Year 6, 10 and 12 farewell events were also addressed, along with the Lights Off Torches On Library celebration which involved more than 400 parents and caregivers and more than 200 volunteer hours.

Principal Shauna Colnan, parents and caregivers at the PTF
IGS Principal Shauna Colnan, parents and caregivers at the IGS PTF AGM

Other business included a discussion led by IGS Director of Information Technology Graham Clarkson on the School’s new interactive communication platform.

We thank the 2019 PTF Committee and other volunteers:
Adeline Truong (Community Services Coordinator)
Afsoon Kisirwani (Assistant Representative Coordinator: Early Learning)
Aleta Keating (Annual Fund-raising Event Coordinator)
Andrea Belunek (President and Year Representative Coordinator)
Barbara Karakassidis (Assistant Representative Coordinator – Primary)
Carmel Kanaley (Lost Property Coordinator)
Cressida Pollack (Vice President: Early Learning and Primary School and Primary Disco Coordinator)
Deborah Soler (Secretary)
Ellen Tonkin (Sustainability: Gardening Coordinator)
Franca Panatteri (Traffic and Drive-by Safety Coordinator and Assistant Treasurer)
Helene Fogarty (Treasurer)
Julian Oppen (Communications Coordinator)
Karen Roberts (Recycled Uniforms Coordinator and Sustainability: Waste Coordinator)
Lesley Holden (Vice-President: High School and Wellbeing Coordinator)
Liz Dinh (Assistant Representative Coordinator: Primary School)
Noa Peer (Assistant Communications Coordinator)
Rebecca Campbell (Secondhand Textbooks and Musical Instruments Coordinator)
Sabrina Fantuz (Coordinator for International Day, STEAM and Wellbeing)
Sarina Roppolo (Music Support Coordinator)
Virginie Vernin (Sustainability and Energy Coordinator)

Caring and sharing

In other recent PTF news, more than 100 kilos of food donations made at the recent Rue Kelly secondhand uniform sale were greatly appreciated by The Food Pantry when they were delivered by PTF volunteers. 

We even met a former IGS parent volunteering there, who spoke very highly of IGS’s philanthropy and pastoral care!” said Community Services Coordinator Adeline Truong.

The Food Pantry donations
IGS donations arriving at The Food Pantry