Projects pressing ahead in Design and Technology

The Design and Technology rooms are buzzing with excitement and productivity in Term 2.

In Year 7, students are completing their “feltster” toys, sewn from pieces of felt.

Year 10 Textiles and Design students are working on their duffle bags, which are being finished ahead of their big exhibition night in Week 4.

“The patterns are based on different cultural, historical and contemporary inspirations, from New Zealand flora, to graffiti culture, to Gucci chains, and even the students favourite music bands,” Textiles and Design Teacher Ksenija Doic said.

Year 11 Textiles and Design students are soon to finish their “Pleats Please” project, and Year 12 Textiles and Design have begun cutting their fabrics for their Major Textiles Project.

Year 8 are finishing their dragster cars, Year 9 will finish their Zaishu stools on Monday Week 3 and Year 10 are looking forward to handing in their vintage style clocks, also in Week 3.

In Mark Devine’s Woodwork class, Year 7 have just completed their timber jewellery boxes.

What students had to say about the projects:

Overall Design and Technology has been really fun and I really enjoyed it. I loved making my box and using the woodwork tools was amazing. The laser cutter and disk sander were my favourites to use. The entire process could be a bit repetitive and tiring but with a bit of grit and determination we managed.

Coco: I really enjoyed this term. I never thought I would like doing woodwork but I was completely wrong. I am so happy IGS and Mr Devine gave us this amazing opportunity to try something new

Kyote: I had an exciting term using all the fun tools such the electric sander, the laser cutter and the disk sander. Overall I really enjoyed class and making the wooden box.

Elyse: I thoroughly enjoyed constructing a jewellery box. My favourite part definitely was using the electric sander. Creating the electric storage unit/jewellery box with my friends will always be one of the most memorable parts of year 7!

Margot: In Mr Devine’s class we made jewellery boxes. With Mr Devine it was a lot of fun cutting, glueing, sanding, sanding, sanding and then sanding again. The sanding was a very monotonous process yet somehow it turned into an all round fun process. We got to design our own little picture which would then be laser engraved onto a piece of wood which then, yes we sanded.

Zoe: I really enjoyed being in woodwork. I liked making a box that we got to be as creative as we liked on the top. I enjoyed it because of all the new tools we got to use and the experience I got that I couldn’t get in any other subject.