Primary language treats

In the Primary School partial immersion Languages Program, students’ skills develop by hearing and using their second language in songs, games and craft activities, integrated with selected units of core curriculum subjects taught directly in the target language.

Year 3 French learners have been focusing on French regions this term, creating poster presentations to share their knowledge.

Parents were welcome to visit the French class, to enjoy French food from different regions and learn more about France from the students.

“We recently had cheese soufflés from Franche-Comté, camembert from Basse-Normandie, gauffres (waffles) from Bourgogne, biscuits from Champagne-Ardenne and tarte tatin from the Centre,” said French Educator Helene Schmit.

What a treat!

Primary School students throughout IGS have been celebrating their language learning in different ways.

Year 4 Japanese language students recently enjoyed a combined class with Year 8 Japanese language students.

The students were divided into small groups and engaged in collaborative language activities. Students began the activities by individually filling out cards with their details and then taking turns to introduce other group members by sharing the details in Japanese.

The remainder of the class included some games and further learning activities to use Japanese language in an authentic and purposeful way.

It was a successful learning opportunity for students of both year groups, as Year 8 took on the role of leaders and educators to assist the younger learners.

The day concluded with students sharing paper cranes with their names on it, a special gesture to celebrate their new friendships.