Primary Language students explore the cuisine of Italy

"A great motivation tool for learning languages is food," said Assistant Head of Junior School Languages and Italian Teacher Annamaria Ferragina.

One of the most popular language programs at IGS is the Year 4 Cultural Aspects of the Cuisine of Target Country in Term 3.

Annamaria said it is a “content rich topic with connections to mathematical expressions such as quantities as well as the names of different foods and structures that allow students to learn exactly what they would like to eat in Italia or in an Italian restaurant”.

“Year 4 students enjoyed many practical experiences by preparing Italian meals at home by following Italian recipes and participating in role plays over Zoom sessions,” Annamaria said.

Maestra Nicola Sternberg commented, “The students created regional menus and created a dialogue ordering a traditional Italian meal with first and second courses followed by a dessert.” 

This deep study of cuisine allows students to appreciate Italian food, recognise regional variations, and discover historical aspects of this much loved cuisine.