Primary Language reading notice

The language “Home Reading Program” of the past few years for students in Years 2 to 6 has been under review and a substitution is planned.

IGS Head of Languages Junior School Vilma Rotellini explained that:

  • most of the readers had become outdated
  • it was difficult for educators to find readers that support the learning of IGS children at an appropriate cognitive level
  • after a few weeks, many students lost interest in the books, as homework and other activities took precedence
  • some of the books were never returned.

As a substitution for the Home Reading Program, Ms Rotellini explained that “each classroom at the beginning of Term 3 will have a variety of books and booklets which are age appropriate in the target language, and will serve to widen the child’s vocab and their exposure to language.”

“Teachers of students in Years 1 to 6 have created reading texts relating to current topics on a weekly basis,” Ms Rotellini said.

“These reading texts have the weekly spelling words embedded in the text, and they reinforce consolidation of sight words.

“This familiarity allows for greater success.

“These texts are also at each student’s reading level, which supports their learning relating to the unit of work.”

Ms Rotellini suggested that students should get into the habit of reading these texts out loud to parents, and parents should sign off on the text once complete.

“In class, the students are also involved in a variety of reading activities, to build up their sight word repertoire, vocabulary, and to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words from context,” Ms Rotellini said.

“The activities also demonstrate comprehension by participating and contributing during shared reading.”

Ms Rotellini suggested that when a child is reading their text at home, parents should:

  • encourage them to read out loud
  • use their knowledge of symbols to read and understand words
  • locate key words and phrases in a text
  • look at the sounds in words so that decoding the word is easier.

“With the new IGS Bibliothèque we will be adding to the selection of language books we already have which will cater from Early Learning to Year 6 in all five languages.

“Parents will be encouraged to borrow the language books so the students can read for enjoyment at home with the parents.”

In the interim, a rotating selection of books is available for parents and children to borrow.