Preparing students for the future

International Grammar School parent and owner of the GenAlpha Project Lars Janowski has a passion for helping parents "future-proof" their children.

The father of two started the social enterprise to inspire children to become future innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers.

Lars will speak at the free IGS Community Learning Program on Thursday 16 May from 6pm and is encouraging parents to come along with plenty of questions.

He will discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI), the realities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the future of work, 21st Century skills and what parents can do now to prepare their children.

Mr Janowski said children today will face a slightly different workplace and market of work.

“Everyone is sending their kids to coding classes,” he said. “The question is, is that the right path and yes it is. We do need to have an understanding as to how those computers work.”

While Mr Janowski can’t tell you exactly what the future will look like, he said he can give a good guess as to what will happen.

“What are the future jobs, what will go away, is this something we should be afraid of or can we adapt,” he said.

Accounting and in the area of law, anything that requires digging into research and existing knowledge can be potentially done by some sort of script.

“Interpreting, collaboration and teamwork that we humans do is something that machines have a problem with.

“In the construction industry, technology is being developed that will help to reduce the workforce.”

Other examples will be explored with parents during the evening.

“I’m very excited to come and see everyone, I’m really looking forward to it and the more the merrier.”

What will Artificial Intelligence mean for jobs of the future? Can our children become innovators and change makers? For details and to book, click here.