Powerful ideas

Year 6 students have been exploring electricity, visiting the Powerhouse Museum and generating their own projects.

“The students have been engaged with hands on activities,” said 6 Green teacher Amanda Klahn.

“Studying energy, they’ve had the opportunity to learn problem solving skills, improve their understanding of electrical circuits and create their own projects using electric circuits.

“We’ve also visited one of the IGS High School laboratories and the nearby Powerhouse Museum, and taken apart old iPads, phones and remote controllers to see what’s inside.”

Pedal power
Pedal power at the Powerhouse

Learning about electricity

Finding out about forces
Finding out about forces

Brandon: “Visiting the Powerhouse was a really interesting way to understand how electricity and different forces work around us a bit more. I loved the interactive part of the museum because it showed how power effects our everyday lives.”

Janna: “It was interesting because you can interact with all these electrical devices. You get to learn about how resources in our everyday lives work, and there was also information to do with the past.”

Max: “It was really fun because you got to learn about how electrical circuits work and also a little bit about things we use all the time like cars and trains.”

William: “I think the excursion was great. The coding is a fun activity and I think it will help with what we are doing in class.”

In the classroom, students were given ideas for practical projects and extended their research on the internet before creating their own circuits.
Creating a robotic artist
Creating a robotic artist

Buzzer challenge and posters with deconstructed items behind
Buzzer challenge and posters with dismantled circuits behind

Tate: It’s lots of fun. I’m learning about science. This is a buzzer challenge. If you touch the wire, it buzzes.

Energy projects
Energetic creations
Projects in progress
Projects in progress