‘Potential’ and ‘hope’ in National Science Week

IGS Head Girl Grace Truman is looking forward to celebrating National Science Week next week.

“Next week is National Science Week and High School and Primary school students will be able to experience the wonders of Science from home,” Grace said.

The program for the week includes a range of fascinating webinars, exciting virtual workshops and entertaining Science short films. 

The Science Department have set a photo challenge for students.

“We would love for students to go out, observe and engage with the world around them and take some photos. Being inspired by the world and getting creative is such an important part of science,” Grace said.

“The other big part of science is sharing discoveries, so if students can please send in their photos to Ms Turner by Tuesday next week, 17 August, we can all enjoy these photos in tutor group time and in home classes later in the week.”

Please email your photos to Ms Turner at lizt@igssyd.nsw.edu.au and include your name, year group and title for your photo, if you have one, in the email.

Grace said she is looking forward to seeing what students produce.

“So much of Science is about trying to understand, appreciating what we have and how it works, and finding new potentials and hope, so we are really looking forward to celebrating this throughout the school next week.” 

The full schedule of activities for the week will be placed on year group Canvas pages.