Polite and fun diversity

Language learning in the Primary School is off and running with a diversity of useful and fun activities.

To start the 2020 school year, Year 1 Italian students have gone back to basics, the IGS Way, which spells out how IGS students are active learners and are safe, respectful and caring of each other.

With Maestra Annamaria, students have revised in Italian “parole gentili” (polite words) with role plays, invented songs, instruments and stories. The students were able to assess which aspects of the IGS Way they had mastered last year and which they need to improve on.

A solid revision of colours and numbers warmed up the class. The children played with dice and buzzers and have started to acquire an appreciation for the Italian game of bocce.

Meanwhile, in Year 2 Japanese class with Machiko sensei, the students have learnt how people in Japan celebrate New Year, which is one of the most significant events for Japanese people.

They learned the names of special food such as osechi ryoori and ozooni and became familiar with special activities Japanese children enjoy on Oshoogatsu (New Year).

The students were invited to try Kakizome, which is the first calligraphy at the beginning of a year. Acknowledging this year’s zodiac rat, the students wrote 「ね」for nezumi (rat).

Instead of actual ink, they used special water calligraphy paper and a brush with water. All students loved the activity.

Students of Chinese learnt story of the Chinese zodiac, while in the Year 2 German class, one of the students confidently talked about “the great race” and how cats and mice still don’t get along because of the race.

In Year 1 Italian class, some students already knew about the Chinese New Year celebrations and shared their knowledge, and in the Year 3 Japanese class, the students found out their zodiac sign.

After learning this year’s zodiac sign is a rat, they engaged in craft activity. Younger Primary School students created a puppet of a rat while upper Primary School students enjoyed tangrams, using their imagination and creativity to make a rat using a variety of shapes.