Pledges for the planet

The IGS Sustainable Futures team prepared for Clean Up Australia Day with chalking, pledges and an ocean clean-up special guest.

Students spread their inspiring messages across the entrance to the School and encouraged community members to make green pledges at the start of the day.

At lunch time, students of all ages took to parts of the school and nearby streets to put their vows in action.

Billie: “We are going to make the earth happy because it’s thanking us for cleaning up.”

Euan: “I pledge to ride my bike to school safely ever day of the week.”  

Nathan: “My pledge is putting my feet forward to rewild our wildlife, to be really conscious in my efforts, to recognise we can clean up Australia, and to keep the vision going, always.”

Phaedra: “We are trying to raise awareness and get people to help.”

Pledges included to:

  • Boycott single use plastic
  • Pick up rubbish even if it’s not mine
  • Eliminate as much single-use plastic as possible in my life
  • Walk everywhere and give up my car
  • Plant more trees
  • Use my car less and ride my bike
  • Recycle my e-waste
  • Pick up at least five pieces of rubbish a day
  • Not litter
  • Use more public transport and walk to my destination when possible
  • Only use reusable bags. 

IGS welcomed Stormwater Shepherds Director of Operations Mary Rayner to help educate students about stopping plastic in urban pollution at the source, in the home, in the streets and in storm water drains.

Later in the day, ahead of Clean Up Australia Day, Mary assisted Year 7 students to clean up Wentworth Park, while other students cleaned up the campus and surrounds.