Plans underway for Green Dream Homes

Year 4 students have continued to learn about the natural and built environment as they prepare to design their own "green dream homes".

We thank IGS parents Professor of Architecture Anthony Burke from UTS and Sendle founder James Chin Moody for sharing their expertise.

Professor Burke shared environmentally friendly design principles and examples, while Mr Chin Moody spoke about the environmental design aspects of Australia’s first carbon neutral shipping company.

Students appreciated the rare insight.

Ben said he enjoyed learning about sustainability, and how important it is for the earth and “that it’s people’s fault for climate change”.

Thomas added that “Architects have to have big imaginations and a sense of what the future will bring, so what we build today is good for the future.”

See some other comments from Year 4 students below.

Marcus: ”An architect needs to have several meetings with the client and you need to use your imagination.”

Saxon: “I liked how Anthony showed all the different styles of houses, and he made me feel like I can build anything.”

Miller: ”Saving water is a great way to help the environment and collecting your own water is a good thing.”

Keith: “People are now building more sustainable homes and are growing their own organic food and creating more green spaces.”

Billie: “When designing my Green Dream Home I need to use my imagination and take my time.”

Edwin liked the way the design process includes making different drafts: ”I liked how Anthony explained that you don’t just design the house once, and then BAM! It’s done. He explained how architects plan the building and make a lot of copies.”