Entrepreneurial spirit in focus

A number of Year 5 students were honoured in the final Primary School Assembly for Term 3, with a perpetual trophy.

Congratulations to Zainab, Lily, Shanel, Zoe, Stevie, Luella and Victoria for being awarded the IGS Entrepreneurs’ Award, a perpetual trophy that shines a light on students who push the boundaries and lead in new and interesting ways.


The students received the award for their initiatives in the Primary Sustainable Futures Club, which have included a persistent focus on recycling, and making a short film about sustainability on campus.

They began with the provocative question: how are you sustainable? They also reminded fellow students to only use blue “return and earn” bins for recyclable bottles, which clearly have “10 cents” printed on them.

“I’d like to acknowledge these students for their entrepreneurial spirit, their creativity and their determination to make the world a better place every day through their actions here at school,” said Principal Shauna Colnan.

Ms Colnan said the best part of her day was when Primary students visited her to share their thoughts and ideas, citing a number of examples from the last five years.

In other assembly news, Year 6 and Kindergarten students of Italian presented a series of scenes featuring famous Italians through the ages.

Congratulations to all students who received Achievement awards in Years 3 to 6, and to all who worked hard this term.

“You know what your effort and achievement is,” Head of Primary School Colin Bird told all the students. “That’s the most important thing.”

Ms Colnan wished everyone a “wonderful, restful, fun holiday”.

“No matter where you are, sleep in, read books and enjoy nature,” she said. “And I look forward to seeing you all again next term!”

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