Piano Brandon’s forte

IGS congratulates Brandon Lee of Year 5 who recently passed his Grade 6 piano exam with an A.

To achieve this stage at the age of 10 is a huge achievement, and well deserved for the hard-working Brandon, who practices every evening to improve his skills.

“I love playing the piano because it takes your mind off of everything else, and it’s a language that anyone can learn to understand,” Brandon said.

“I also like how you can experience different emotions while playing.”

IGS Head of Stage 3 and Brandon’s Year 5 teacher Jessica Price explained that a major goal for Stage 3 teachers in 2018 is to encourage students’ awareness of the growth mindset and the concepts of James Nottingham’s “Learning Pit”.

The Learning Pit makes challenges more appealing to learners. It gives a frame of reference to talk about learning and helps with planning, reviewing and metacognition. It’s about diminishing the fear of making mistakes.

“The Learning Pit is about persistence and continuing to work hard to achieve something, even though the road ahead may be tough or you may experience setbacks,” Ms Price said.

At the heart of the Learning Pit is “the pit”, a state of “cognitive conflict” for learners. Learners are encouraged to strive to get beyond the pit and continue with their sights set on their goal.

“Brandon has worked so hard to achieve this result,” Ms Price said.

“It shows that his determination to improve and meet his goals of this passion are paying off.

“We don’t just encourage students to strive to achieve their best within the classroom, but also beyond their IGS education. We want them to find their passions and continue to set and meet goals in whatever area that may be.”