Pi Day a sell out!

IGS Year 5 students Edward and Charlie shared their appetite for Mathematics by selling 100 apple pies on Pi Day to donate to STEAM activities at the School.

The international day celebrates the first three digits of the mathematical constant Pi, 3.14.

IGS Pi Day sell out
Charlie (centre) with his parents and friend Edward

“I like Maths because there’s always a right answer,” said Charlie, whose mother had procured the pies through a friend who is a baker. Each pie featured the Pi symbol. 

Repeat customer, IGS parent Susan McKendry, who bought the last two pies just before school began for the day, said she loved the idea.

“I think it’s fantastic. It’s great that the money is going towards Science activities at the School. It’s just wonderful.”

Final two IGS Pi Day pies snapped up
Final two IGS Pi Day pies snapped up