Phil Beadle is inspiring as IGS Teacher in Residence

Award-winning teacher, broadcaster, education consultant, teacher trainer and columnist Phil Beadle wraps up his week at IGS as our inaugural Teacher in Residence.

Phil spent the week working with teachers, students and parents, leading creative and thought-provoking discussions and workshops.

Phil’s time at IGS has been both entertaining and transformational. He spent a day with IGS teachers exploring teaching as an art form, held a session for parents on developing grand passions and led an engaging and intellectual Shakespearean Masterclass and writing workshop for Year 9 students.

Phil also hosted two workshops at the end of the week with teachers from various schools around NSW and the ACT: The Secrets of Positive Behaviour Management and Improving Writing Across the Curriculum. The workshops were based on his twenty years of experience working in challenging environments,  providing teachers with knowledge about the mechanics of writing and how to deliver them to students in a genuine and meaningful way.

Phil is the author of ten books on teaching and learning including Why are you shouting at us?: The Dos and Don’ts of Behaviour Management and the recently published Rules for Mavericks: A Manifesto for Dissident Creatives.

If a child leaves feeling less than 10 feet tall I’ve failed at my lesson. – Phil Beadle