Pet of the Week feature

Thank you for your wonderful submissions to our IGS Pet of the Week feature.

Leo of Year 4 and Milana of Kindergarten shared their puppy Minnie.

“Minnie is a chocolate brown Cavoodle and is seven and a half months old,” Leo said.

“Minnie is great company while I do my home school work. She is always by my side and loves to have a nap or hang out with me during my independent reading time.

“Here I am reading one of my favourite books Dog Man. I think this is funny because I am reading Dog Man to my dog,” he said.

“Also in this book there is a ginger cat, and I also have another pet that is a a cat, a ginger cat! His name is Dobby. Dobby loves playing outside and hiding under the trees.”

Please email with your Pet of the Week submissions.