Pet of the Week feature

Thank you for your wonderful submissions to our IGS Pet of the Week feature.

IGS 5 Green Teacher and Head of Teacher Accreditation Michelle Weir shared her two dogs Piccolo and Bella, who have made lockdown feel so much better.

“Piccolo (white one) is cheeky and often gets himself into all sorts of trouble. He likes stealing everyone’s socks and hiding them. He is also a bit of a sook,” Michelle said.

“If I lock him out of the room when I am doing Zooms, he sits outside the door crying, gradually getting louder until I open the door for him.

“He will follow me around wherever I go, including the bathroom! Bella is a lady (in the doggy world)! She is quiet and gentle. She has the best manners. When we are handing out treats, she will sit and wait patiently (unlike Piccolo). She loves playing with her ball, chasing it around. She also likes her quiet time. Often she will disappear and we will find her curled up on someone’s bed.”


Gaston of Year 4, Lara of Year 1 and Daniel in Early Learning shared news of their standard poodle Mikey.

Mikey is seven months old, gentle and playful. He loves to play tips, sit outside on windy days, have baths and go for walks. They said he is the best company during home learning.


 Sam Maloney of Year 11 and Lucas of Year 1 shared their labrador Odin.

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