Pet of the Week Feature

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Luella and Elias Prasad of Years 7 and 5 are enjoying being foster carers of Chihuahua cross Fox Terrier Rosie during lockdown.

Rosie came into foster care with the Prasad family through the Paws and Recover charity organisation after Rosie’s owner suddenly became ill.

“Paws and Recover chose our home to care for her until her owner recovers,” they said.

“She is funny, affectionate, food focused and loves her walks. She wants everyone in the same room together and often tries to say hi to the remote learners online.

“Volunteering to foster through Paws and Recover is a great way to help the community and to also get your animal cuddles in.”

Parker Zeidler of Year 2 adores her dog Sachi, who she says is more like a sister than a pet.

“They have a very special bond that began when Parker was just two years old and Sachi came home as a puppy,” her mother Jane said.

“Sachi loves nothing more than going on bush walks and beach walks with us. Her favourite food is chicken and she loves to hang her head out of the car window to let the air blow her ears back.

“Sachi’s name means ‘Lucky’ in Japanese and she is now seven years old. She is by far the most loving and well trained doggy. We are so lucky to have her in our family!”

Caitlin Gould of Kindergarten said being home with her puppy Mercury is the best part of home learning.

“I love when dad brings Mr Mercury down to where we do our school work. He sometimes comes and nuzzles me from under the table,” said Caitlin.

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