Pet of the Week Feature

Thank you to all IGS staff and students who contributed an IGS Pet of the Week for us to feature!

Staff and students have been submitting photos of their beloved furry family members to our ongoing Pet of the Week feature over the last couple of months.

This week will be our final Pet of the Week Feature. We thank all who contributed and shared their pets with the IGS community.

Finley of Preschool Gold shared her gorgeous 8 year old Spoodle Grover.

Grover has lived in two continents but is a little Aussie boy at heart. He loves to swim in the Harbour and he loves eating croissants.

Director of Enrolments Alexandra Peters shared these beautiful photos of her 11 year old bichoodle Molly.

“She was our son Riley’s 10th birthday present,” Alex said.

“She’s absolutely thrilled that both Riley and I are home during the day at the moment and spends all day hanging out with either me or him.

“Her favourite thing is her teddy (as seen in one of the photos). She’s never far from teddy!”

The IGS Music Department have shared these gorgeous photos of their pets.