Pet of the Week feature

Thank you to all IGS staff and students who contributed an IGS Pet of the Week for us to feature!

Staff and students have been submitting photos of their beloved furry family members to our ongoing Pet of the Week feature. Here are some of the adorable submissions we received this week!


Head of Year 12 Tim Lester shared these photos of his kelpie cross rescue dog, Moll.

“She is (not!) very socially responsible and the two images show her commitment to social distancing and safety in the water respectively,” said Tim.

Harry and Senor

Year 9 student Lola adores her Labradoodle Harry and Axolotl Senor.

Lola said she chose Senor because he looked like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.

“Now he is almost 20cm long and had to be moved to a bigger tank a few weeks ago,” Lola said.

“When he is sick we put him in quarantine in a plastic box, wrapped in a tea towel at the bottom of the fridge. When he comes out he has sloughed off all of his old skin. He likes the fridge because axolotls come from the cenotes in Mexico which are cold and dark just like the bottom of the fridge.”

Lola said his favourite treat is a live worm from the compost bin.


“This is Ronja, our chocolate labrador,” said Year 5 teacher Mona.

“I named her after the main character from my favourite childhood book Ronja the Robber’s Daughter by Astrid Lindgren.

“She is 10 years old now but still behaves like a puppy. She likes to eat anything she can find, go for big walks and have long sleeps.

“She also loves Christmas because she always gets a present.”