Perri Fearnley Visual Arts Gallery

Visual Arts Major Work Gallery by Perri Fearnley

This collection of works is an exploration of humans and their minds, contrasting how we perceive the body with the blunt and simplistic definition of bodies in an objective and physical sense. An interest in psychology and human behaviour was explored in the non-traditional and opposite lens, opting to discuss the depth and intricacy of the human brain by removing all sense of such from the concept. The works serve as purely objective and simple images of the body as meat, lacking acknowledgement of personality, emotion and psychology by capturing zoomed in areas on a body without illustrating the ‘mind behind the meat’ as such.

This concept is further explored however in the audience response as a part of the pieces themself. Although the images explored within the works are no different to parts of a human that society is exposed to on a daily basis, such as a fist, ear, foot or shoulder, these are unconsciously given further meaning not otherwise present by viewers.

Responses to this collection are often assumptions of sexual content, even as the images are purely unedited and honest to the human body in its normal form. In the initial stages of this collection when painting the first piece of a scrunched fist, there was an overwhelming and continuous response to it as a sexual and inappropriate work, as even when a simple objective depiction of skin, blood and meat, we as humans cannot help but give meaning where there is intentionally none.