Paying tribute to a Tassie treasure

On a chilly Hobart morning last Thursday, Principal Shauna Colnan and Director of Advancement Julia Glass paid a visit to former IGS Principal Dr David Wright at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

During the visit, Ms Colnan was able to inform Dr and Mrs Wright about key developments which have taken place at the School, notably the addition of the SAGE Week program of opportunities, for which Shauna had travelled to Hobart to spend time with IGS Year 10 students.

Dr Wright was Principal at IGS from 1994 to 2000. During that time he taught Philosophy to the students, a subject which has now been revived at IGS from Year 7, and is set to be rolled out across other year groups in the coming years.


We had an overwhelming response to a photo we posted of the visit:

“David what a pleasure to see you looking so well. Just as good as when you gave me my job in 1999. You were an inspiration to our school IGS. Love to you and your wife.” 

“Great to see David Wright looking well. Thank you for rekindling fond memories!”

“His End of Year Addresses were always insightful. Great to see him looking so well!”

“Dr Wright! The best.”

“What a wonderful man he is. It was a privilege to have the chance to experience him in action. I always felt that he was a spiritual presence, who filled the concrete corridors with something magical and inspiring.”

“Best wishes to David and Ann. Lovely you are in touch with such a wonderful former principal.”